I’m a designer and art director who is divided between Milan and Rome. However, I was born and grew up in Rome and I proudly maintain my accent and attitude. I have a degree with honors in Graphic and Multimedia Design from the Faculty of Architecture “La Sapienza”, and have worked closely with Emanuele Ragnisco at the Mekkanografici associati studio gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. I have now finally realized my dreams thanks to the studio pym in Milan where I have the opportunity to work day by day with major national and foreign publishers.


Corriere della sera • edizioni e/o • Amazon • Fabri editore • Telecom italia • San Paolo • Treccani • Europa editions • Bur Rizzoli • Mondadori • Salani • Gems • Giunti • Disney • La gazzetta dello sport • Sperling & Kupfer • 

I’m (almost) always accepting new work.